Top Ten Half Marathons in the UK

Half Marathon List Top 10 Half Marathons

There are hundreds of half marathons throughout the UK. Choosing our favourite ten races was a tough job, but we've managed to narrow it down to those listed below. Races were chosen according to our experience and feedback from friends, colleagues and fellow runners.

London Landmarks Half Marathon

1. London Landmarks Half Marathon
Well-organised and a lot of fun. First run in 2018, this race was a success in it's inaugural year. Also, they made the wise move of having several starting waves and similarly staggered warm-up sessions. This avoided the excessive waiting times at the start which has been evident in other central London races.
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Milton Keynes Half Marathon

2. Milton Keynes Half Marathon
Again, just missing the top spot! Feedback from this race was of a very high quality, runners enjoying a faultless event. From sign-up to finish line, comments point to a race that deserves to be on everyone's bucket list.

Surrey Half Marathon

3. Surrey Half Marathon
Another podium-worthy race! A fun, well-organised race with friendly officials, volunteers and spectators makes this a a very memorable race that we're happy to recommend to everyone.

Chester Half Marathon

4. Chester Half Marathon
A new race in our top 10, and much deserved. A flat route, along closed roads with excellent crowd support and a finishing line outside the impressive Town Hall and Cathedral contribute to a race many speak highly of. Plenty of drink stations and an excellent goody bag add to an already impressive event.

Run the Blades Half Marathon

5. Run the Blades Half Marathon
A unique race, at the UK's largest windfarm, Whitelee Windfarm. This race attracts positive comments about the spectacular course, with amazing views of the surrounding wind turbines. Together with excellent organisation and race support, we had no choice but to include this one-of-a-kind half marathon.
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Manchester Half Marathon

6. Manchester Half Marathon
A race that has grown in staure over recent years. With a flat course, great crowds support and a finish line at the Emirates Stadium, the Machester Half Marathon attracts a lot of praise.
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Palace Half Marathon

7. Palace Half Marathon
A fun race that includes running through Hampton Court gardens and the surrounding estate, with the chance to see herds of deer. This is a well organised, friendly race with supportive crowds. We enjoyed it, and reports seemed to agree. So, we've listed it once more.

Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon

8. Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon
Everything we've been told about this race is positive. Great scenery, friendly race team and crowds, and much more. It's no wonder it sells out almost immediately.
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Swansea Half Marathon Sheffield

9. Swansea Half Marathon
Views of Swansea Bay and the Gower Peninsula help make this a popular race. Reports also point to great support from spectators and the race team.
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Hever Castle Half Marathon

10. Hever Castle Half Marathon
A stunning location makes for course that commands high praise. Despite some hills, great race support and beautiful scenery help make this a race to remember.
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Honourable mentions
There were a few races that almost made it into our top 10, and may do so next year. These include the Skye Half Marathon, Ironbridge Half Marathon, Isle of Harris Half Marathon and the Belfast Half Marathon.